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    Vetro Art snc di Artioli Giorgio & C.
    Via Aldo Moro, 33
    42124 – Reggio Emilia
    Tel. 0522 921378


Giorgio Artioli


Giorgio was born in Gavassa, near Reggio Emilia, in 1936 and his childhood was marked by the events unfolding during the Second World War. His father Angelo worked for the aircraft manufacturer Officine Reggiane, his mother was a housewife who looked after her husband, Giorgio and two other daughters. The family was forced to move out of their home because of the war when he was just old enough to leave school, and so Giorgio decided to get a job to help his family make ends meet.
So: he first tried his hand at the winery at Massenzatico, near Reggio Emilia, then at a baker and finally at the glassworks where he started out as an apprentice at an established glass works in Reggio Emilia town centre. He had always loved drawing from being a boy, you could almost say he was born with a pencil in his hand. He has often said that during the war, when paper was a luxury, he used to draw on whatever he could find, even on the insides of drawers. After starting work, he carried on painting and drawing in his free time, his father made him his first easel and he started taking part in competitions, winning several prizes. Then came the time for him to do military service: 18 months in the fire service, and again he was soon known for his genius and extraordinary artistic flair.
After he married and had two children, he decided to start up his own glass making business, even though his family were against the idea.
On June 1st 1969, he opened a glassworks in a small former farm building at Gavassa. It was a time when the economy was booming, a moment marked by numbers and quantities. Over the years, Giorgio and his glass works won commission orders to make the windows for many buildings in the town and province of Reggio, and in the end, his whole family supported and helped him, each bringing their own skills and ability, making his dream of setting up a business come true, redeeming the years of hardship and humiliation suffered during the war.
As the years went by, the glass works expanded and relocated to Mancasale industrial area, and many new people came to work for Vetro Art.
George never set his paintbrush aside throughout this long phase of his life, and often spent his spare time admiring the local countryside, on the banks of the Po or in the local hills, painting the landscapes he loved so much.
The years went by and times changed: customer service has become more and more demanding and every product leaving the workshop has an element of customisation. As an astute businessman, Giorgio understood that the art of glassmaking had to focus more on quality and attention to detail. As people gradually had more disposable income, he was able to target customers who appreciated handmade items and were prepared to pay for high quality.
So, Vetro Art turned to making products of excellence designed for people who appreciate things that are “beautiful”. Aesthetically pleasing and elegant.
“Beauty is a reflection of truth”. This is the vision that has always inspired Vetro Art for all its products and all its collections.
Fabulous, unique glass windows, as well as furniture and accessories for the home, such as tables, lamps, mirrors, frames and home accessories in general containing an element of glass.
Alfredo and Daniela have followed in the footsteps of their father, and have been involved in updating the products and handling the increasingly diverse and complex demands of their customers for several years now.
Renata, daughter in law to the Maestro, has also joined the company and works alongside him in the workshop: together, they make a great team, whose artistic precision and renewed enthusiasm are a perfect match and result in splendid glass creations.
The workshop specialises in glass art for religious or funeral uses, and high quality items for the home. But it makes much more than glass ornaments: glass doors, shower partitions and laminated and security windows.
The firm is also very interested in local crafts: Ars Canusina, and the world of antiques and restoration.
Stained glass windows are another area where Vetro Art considers itself an authority, creating classic and traditional designs as well as modern versions or new angles on classic images: from floral patterns to landscapes and figurative designs. Glass is an ancient and versatile material that is part of our everyday life. The artistic sensibility and technical skills of the craftsmen at Vetro Art are able to enhance the inherent nature of glass and bring it in line with the times thanks to the intrinsic quality of hand crafted work, achieved through passion and dedication.


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