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    Vetro Art snc di Artioli Giorgio & C.
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Classic Glass Windows

Apri Fotogallery

Glass is a precious and fascinating material.

Modern glass working techniques ensure the glass is sufficiently flexible so artists can use all of their creatively and inspiration to express their ideas in full.

As Françoise Perrot wrote, “the art of windows is an art in constant motion because of light, as the slightest variation vibrates and transforms the transparency or translucency of glass and its colour, depending on the time of day, the season and the weather” (Le vitrail français contemporain. L’oeil, la main) La manifacture 1984.

Whatever technique is used to make glass art, be it frosting or tiffany, fusing or leading, it will not fail to stir countless feelings and emotions. Glass art gives interiors their own personal style. This is why it is not only used to shed light onto a room, but also to separate and embellish them.

The photographs below illustrate some examples of glass art made using different techniques. These contemporary works were designed with the idea of using glass art in modern contexts, to show how the beauty and appeal of colour complements even the most minimalist context.

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