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Qwalala by Pae White

14 Jul 2017

Qwalala is the second outdoor installation (following Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Glass Tea House Mondrian) to be commissioned by LE STANZE DEL VETRO. The work by American artist Pae White consists of a curving wall made of thousands of solid glass-bricks, each hand-cast in the Veneto region. At 75 metres long and 2.4 metres high, it occupies the entire area opposite LE STANZE DEL VETRO. The title of the piece, Qwalala, is a Native American Pomo word and references the meandering flow of the Gualala river in Northern California, which the work echoes in both its structure and layout. Approximately half of the bricks are made of clear glass whereas the other bricks span a palette of 26 colours, in a technique where each brick contains a “storm”-like effect of swirling colour. From afar these bricks form an abstract, painterly pattern, which reveal a world of detail upon closer inspection. The layout and colour combinations were chosen by the artist from thousands of random, computer generated alternatives using software developed specifically for the project.

12 May 2017 — 30 November 2018

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.

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